Exchange Rates

bitcoinpython gets exchange rate data from trusted third-party APIs. Specifically, it can access:


Core operations use RatesAPI. For each method, it polls a service and if an error occurs it tries another.

You will likely never use this directly.

Currency to Satoshi

bitcoinpython exposes 2 ways to convert a given amount of currency to the equivalent number of satoshi: currency_to_satoshi() and currency_to_satoshi_cached(). The latter function will cache results for 1 minute by default.

bitcoinpython uses currency_to_satoshi_cached() in transactions to convert the amount in each output to spendable satoshi.

To illustrate, here is how your outputs in (destination, amount, currency) format are converted to (destination, satoshi) format for spending during transactions:

>>> from import currency_to_satoshi_cached
>>> ...
>>> for i, output in enumerate(outputs):
...     dest, amount, currency = output
...     outputs[i] = (dest, currency_to_satoshi_cached(amount, currency))

Satoshi to Currency

Converting satoshi to another currency as a formatted string can be done using satoshi_to_currency() or satoshi_to_currency_cached(). The result will be rounded down to the proper number of decimal places for each currency.

>>> from import satoshi_to_currency_cached
>>> satoshi_to_currency_cached(56789, 'usd')
>>> satoshi_to_currency_cached('56789', 'jpy')

Supported Currencies

These are all the currencies currently supported by bitcoinpython. Note that converting satoshi to itself, ubch, mbch, or bch never requires exchange rate data and therefore no network calls are needed.

>>> from bitcoinpython import SUPPORTED_CURRENCIES
Code Currency
satoshi Satoshi
ubch Microbitcoin
mbch Millibitcoin
bch Bitcoin Cash
usd United States Dollar
eur Eurozone Euro
gbp Pound Sterling
jpy Japanese Yen
cny Chinese Yuan
cad Canadian Dollar
aud Australian Dollar
nzd New Zealand Dollar
rub Russian Ruble
brl Brazilian Real
chf Swiss Franc
sek Swedish Krona
dkk Danish Krone
isk Icelandic Krona
pln Polish Zloty
hkd Hong Kong Dollar
krw South Korean Won
sgd Singapore Dollar
thb Thai Baht
twd New Taiwan Dollar
clp Chilean Peso

Unsupported Currencies

If you need to use currencies in your Transactions that bitcoinpython does not support, convert it yourself to satoshi, ubch, mbch, or bch as these are supported natively.